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The Team

Fly time

(we’ve only just been born, but we are wise)


“The Optimist invents the aeroplane, the pessimist the parachute.”

George Bernard Shaw

Listening, understanding, intuition, passion and professionalism are the values at the bedrock of our product. The projects that come to life are based on dialogue and skills developed over many years.
We are always aware of the latest tendencies and what’s hot in the market, but we don’t let these things influence our ideas.


BLQrew video agency - Produzione

“The engine is the heart of an airplane, but the pilot is its soul”

Sir Walter Raleigh Alexander

Every video has a particular story and for us each one is like a bespoke suit made to order.

We believe in the uniqueness of every client and this is what we rely on to tell a story, theirs. Every meeting is an opportunity to put ourselves on the line and create something better than the last time.


“Always try to keep the number of landings you make equal to the number of take offs you’ve made”


Our professionalism permits us to build a trusting relationship which will stand the test of time.

William Moretti / Manuel Cumani / Stefano Mazzoni

     William Moretti     /     Manuel Cumani     /     Stefano Mazzoni

We’ve only just been born but we are wise!
Our association formed during the year 2019.

During times when the tendency is to go it alone or be averse to expanding your horizons, we have done the opposite. We have constructed a cooperative.
Having just started we are filled with enthusiasm for fresh ideas, a desire to grow, embrace innovation and openness.

Being mature adults, at least in age, we have the advantage of many years of experience in creative productions, a sector we have known well for over 20 years.
Over the years, we have each followed similar but unique pathways of personal and professional growth and now we have decided to work together in order to create that which would be impossible to do alone.

The Company


(pronounced bielcrù)


the international code for the Bologna Airport.


c r e w

Or rather “band”, “brigade”, “group”, “squad”.

We have united two words to describe who we are.
Professionals in the communication sector who love their own city and ready to put into place projects on an international level.
A strong identity and a strong bond with our land gives us character and an awareness of what we are capable of accomplishing.
Building on our contacts local and international, we are ready for new markets.
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