Corporate video: 5 reasons to have it

By corporate video we mean a video that presents, usually in a few minutes, the company reality. Being able to condense the history, mission, vision, values and team of a company in such a short time is a difficult challenge, but one that many businesses have to face.

Corporate video: why it is a fundamental tool in the corporate world

The reason is attributable to the success of the video mode, which is an informative and entertaining tool that can capture the audience from the first seconds, and thus attract it to its own reality. The company video bases its structure on storytelling, or the story of one (or more) aspects of the company: the narration can then deepen the circumstances of its birth, the people who make it or the history of its products. The key points to follow, for success, are the study of the target audience, the choice of the most appropriate tone to the image of the company and the definition of a message to communicate. But, before you even wonder how to make a corporate video, you have to understand why it can be a useful tool in the hands of the company and its marketing strategy.

1. It’s a versatile tool

The company video is a tool that can be spread on various platforms, because it’s a means of communication that lends itself to a global vision and that can reach many audiences. It can be shared on the company’s website or on its social profiles, such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. It works very well even in the offline universe, being suitable to be shown at fairs, conferences, events, but also to anyone interested in your reality.

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2. It’s an original product

A brochure, a catalog, a website or a simple business card are effective ways to present yourself, but a video leaves its mark. Video mode captures the audience more than any word or static image, because it is based on their winning union. Making an interesting corporate video, with a convincing point of view, pays off because it represents an example of experimentation and avant-garde for the company that proposes it, and will impress old and new customers.

3. It’s able to entertain the audience

It’s inevitable: the video is conquering the Internet, a place where audiences spend a good part of their lives. Instagram has launched the reels, TikTok is now the leading social and statistics show that even on Facebook, a platform that has never really focused on this format, the video goes for the most. The merit goes to the simplicity with which the user can enjoy it: a video is short, immediate, does not require active energy but only a passive viewer, which is easily entertained.

4. It increases your brand awareness

A good video strategy, these days, is a valuable tool in the hands of a company that knows how to implement it. The right content, combined with a dynamic representation, able to intercept trends and aware of its audience, almost automatically increases the success of a company. Brand awareness also means getting to know, being known and, above all, being recognizable. And you can’t do that without keeping up with the times.

5. You can approach potential customers

The increase in audience is basically the ultimate goal of a corporate video. To make one’s reality known, to stage it according to the right point of view, means to attract new potential consumers. The ultimate goal is to arouse a sense of familiarity with users, who by recognizing their values and their history in that of the company will end up distinguishing them among competitors and prefer the offer.

Do you have a reality that you want to make known but you don’t know where to start? Let’s make your company video together!