Corporate video: what it is and why it is important for a company

A corporate video is a video, usually of short duration, that tells the company, illustrating its history, its offer and company values. Almost all corporate videos that can be considered effective are based on a precise narrative strategy, identifiable as “storytelling”.

Storytelling is the art of telling a story. The narrative, as it happens in every story, must be carried out by choosing a protagonist subject, and a cut to give to the story. This protagonist, which is told in the video, can be the company, its components, its products or even the corporate vision. The important thing is to make sure that it manages to instill in the audience a sense of empathy and familiarity.

The gaze through which to set your story are many: one that works very well is the involvement in the video of the company team, a very effective strategy in emphasizing the value of the human component within its structure.

What is the purpose of a corporate video?

The ultimate purpose of a corporate video is to reach an external audience, attracting it to the company and, consequently, its products. In this, clarity is fundamental: we must therefore define the message to communicate and the tone with which we want to do it. A good corporate video should briefly explain why the user should approach a specific reality and prefer its offer over another.

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What are the steps to produce it?

After studying the target audience to which the video is addressed and defining the message to be launched, you must choose the cut you want to give the video, which must be consistent with the message in all its aspects. The tone of voice chosen may be more emotional or more fun, but it is important that each component of the video (duration, actors, shooting techniques) reflects the story that is told.

As with any audiovisual project, there will then have to be a script to follow and a storyboard to set up and structure the shot, but above all a budget available. Then we will move on to the production phase and the post-production phase, in which we will take care first of shooting the video, then of the editing, the sound and the special and visual effects. 

A good corporate video combines an emotional component with a more technical part. These should be able to balance each other to give rise to a product that will arouse a sense of familiarity with the company and interest in its products.

What can it be used for?

A corporate video is a very versatile strategic tool for companies, because it lends itself to sharing both online and offline. It can be spread on the company’s website, on its social channels, but can also be presented at trade fairs and industry events. The goal of a corporate video should not be direct sales, but an increase in its brand reputation.

For this reason it is useful to think of it as one of the many steps that make up your strategy, and as a way to consolidate the image and identity of the brand. The fact that it is an immediate, captivating and engaging product allows it to easily capture the audience, arriving where words often fail. It works because everyone loves stories, and video, which has great storytelling potential, is a very effective means of telling them. 

Did you know that, among the many things we do, we also do corporate videos? Every company has its own story: what is yours? Let’s find out together!