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What we do

Focusing on strategy and video production, we highlight your brand through image and build narratives that tell the story, transforming a thought into visual identity.

Who we are

A story that begins in 2019

At a time when people tend to “do it themselves”, we have expanded our horizons by creating an effective mode of cooperation.


From concept to creation


First we need to get to know each other: we need to find out who you are, what you need, what you want to communicate and to whom, what we can do for you.


We propose a series of creative ideas aimed at the chosen strategy, both in terms of the use of the material and video content. 


We coordinate the set, the instruments (the equipment for the shot, drones, green screens) and the professionals (actors, models, make-up artists, fashion stylists, etc.).


Whether it’s commercials, film productions, showreels, corporate videos or music videos, we develop the project at every stage.

Editing and post-production 

We cut, glue, arrange colors, audio, apply effects, do graphics and compositing. We rent the editing room with a specialist technician.


We deliver your video material in high resolution and in the formats you choose, supporting you in a long-term strategy.

News and stories

Viral videos: the rules to realize them

Viral videos: the rules to realize them

In a world where video is the new frontier of entertainment, potential viral videos are a very powerful marketing tool, because they put the spotlight on your reality, your products and your message. Usually, the two basic requirements that qualify...

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Video marketing in the company: how to exploit it

Video marketing in the company: how to exploit it

Once there were only commercials on TV: today, in addition, the same advertising function is performed by the various types of videos that populate the web. Statistics show that much of the Internet traffic is generated by video content. The...

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Slow motion: what it is and how it is achieved

Slow motion: what it is and how it is achieved

Slow motion, also known as rallenty or ralenty, is a video technique, performed during filming or editing, that consists in shooting the subject in motion at slow speed. The father of slow motion is August Musger, an Austrian priest and physicist....

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