Video marketing in the company: how to exploit it

Once there were only commercials on TV: today, in addition, the same advertising function is performed by the various types of videos that populate the web. Statistics show that much of the Internet traffic is generated by video content. The latter, in fact, manage to remain for longer in people’s memory thanks to the combination of image and word.

The role of the internet in the dissemination of video marketing

Every day millions of hours of content are uploaded to YouTube, but even the other social platforms have realized that, if they want to generate engagement, they must create professional videos.

The video format attracts users because, as opposed to other forms of entertainment (such as reading) does not require special energy or effort. The user is passive while observing the content, so they can easily assimilate it. Moreover, it seems that the integration of moving images and speech is able to make it easier to remember what is shown in the video.

The Internet, and social networks, have been very successful in spreading the video. As a result, marketing perceived its potential and started using it as a tool. The area of marketing that deals with defining strategies then took the name of video marketing.

But what are the most common types of video marketing and their strengths?

There are several ways a business can do business video marketing. Each of these meets specific needs, a specific target and above all is defined according to the product you want to advertise.

A video can be called, by type, corporate video, vlog, video event, animated video, VR video, tutorial, or sponsored video.

video marketing

Generally, everyone responds to one of the so-called “3H”.

  • Video hubs, that is content developed on a regular basis, usually emotional or that aim to create a sense of familiarity with the user. They also give the audience the opportunity to return to the channel, and respond to a need for public confidence.
  • The video heroes, videos to be posted a few times a year, for example on the occasion of special product launches, or special and exclusive events. The aim of a product like video hero is to increase brand awareness by creating hype. 
  • The video help, informative content that supports customers and potential customers in the purchase and answers the most common questions that the target of the company can make. In order to achieve them, it is essential to carry out a preventive and in-depth analysis of the target audience. Help videos can be tutorials, how-to videos, demonstration videos or interviews, and are very useful because they help users to dispel any doubts about the offer. They also create an opportunity to deepen the offer with anecdotes and related curiosities.

How to integrate video into your marketing strategy?

To properly integrate video into your video marketing strategy, you need to plan your content and define a target audience. You have to research and define the question that the video will have to answer, and choose the right platform. This usually corresponds to the main social networks: YouTube in the first place, Facebook – where the popularity of the video format is increasing more and more – Instagram and Tiktok.

Video marketing is a fundamental part of content marketing. It is therefore important to rely on industry professionals, such as a web content editor, and their skills to plan an effective video strategy. The video makers will then shoot the video and then move on to post-production. This will include fitters, graphic designers, sound engineers: for each stage of the work professionals will provide the necessary tools.

Our team of professionals also deals with video marketing. We will support you in the realization of a plan that will allow you to integrate the video in your marketing strategy. Write to us and work together on your project!