Viral videos: the rules to realize them

In a world where video is the new frontier of entertainment, potential viral videos are a very powerful marketing tool, because they put the spotlight on your reality, your products and your message. Usually, the two basic requirements that qualify a video as “viral” are the high number of views, but especially the massive sharing by users.

At the content level there is no magic formula that will allow you to succeed, achieve this goal and make viral videos. Virality is often an unexpected phenomenon, surprising even content creators. However, there are strategies and choices that these can adopt to attract the attention of the public and to create a video that is viral.

Here are some tips!

1. Focus on content value, not marketing or current trends

Do not assume that riding at all costs the trends of the moment will make your video viral: it is the ideas that make the content enjoyable. A quality product will have more and more chances of trending a video without a thought behind, packaged with the purpose of making views.

The goal of viral video is user interest. Without interesting content, the video won’t work, and integrating it into your marketing strategy won’t do you any good. In order for the video to go viral, focus on a proposal that will attract the user, and the sale, success (and virality) will come on their own.

video virali

2. Tell a story with your viral videos

Harness the potential of storytelling. Your video will list the advantages of choosing a product or a company, but what really involve users are, and will always be, the stories. Tap the strings of your audience, make it fun and emotional with a narrative in which it can recognize and find itself. It can be the story of the product, the company, its consumers: the important thing is that it is a story in which your audience identifies.

video virali

3. Work on the title, preview and first seconds of the video

Appearances matter, especially those of a product that relies on visual impact. Your title must be clear, concise, and above all interesting: it is the title who, together with the preview, will shift the focus on your content. You will then have to keep it, satisfying the promises of the title (catchy yes, but also sincere) with the first seconds of your video.

The reason is not difficult to guess: the span of attention of a user is rather low, and it is difficult to maintain it for more than a few seconds. Capture your audience right away, and he will thank you by staying until the end of your video.

4. Study the right length of the video

Here too, the same principle applies: you need to engage your audience right away. The average user’s attention span on social networks does not allow them to linger long on a content if they don’t really think it’s interesting. It goes without saying that very short and straight to the point content will entice you to watch, while a long video, perceived as too demanding, could discourage you.

5. Define the message to convey

Beware of confusion: the message you have to convey in your video is one, and at its end the audience must have understood it. It seems a trivial rule, but it is not at all. You have to study well what you want to communicate and to whom you want to communicate it. Otherwise, the risk is that your audience does not understand where you want to go and, consequently, what you are offering.
Do not confuse your audience, or you’ll risk losing it: a concept, expressed clearly, will be enough and will be more effective than a lot of information given in bulk. 

Do you have ideas that you think could be realized in a viral video? Write to us and we will help you realize it!