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Corporate video

We tell the identity of a company or a brand to highlight its proposal. Relying on corporate storytelling, we create a corporate video that highlights the strategic vision through the emotional aspect, aiming to instill a sense of familiarity in the target users.

Video marketing is a tool that can unite the consumer and the company in the name of sharing the same values. For both B2B and B2C, listening and comparing are fundamental for the production of a company video that is able to entertain: with our professionalism and experience you can extend the recognition of your brand, arousing interest in a highly defined audience.

Industrial and product video production

The industrial or product video ensures instant engagement because the information it contains, designed to meet the target, are dynamic and easily accessible. The crafting of a video that tells a production process, a technological pole or the specificity of a product is the result of a targeted strategy, an in-depth analysis and a sector benchmarking activity. Industrial marketing has precise rules: knowing how to respect them along every step, from conception to realization, is the key to its success. To achieve your goals, you need a video strategy that can elevate your brand or product.

Video marketing

From social to advertising, those who communicate through their video channels can not but leverage the instantaneity of the message and its emotional component. Each type of video (infographics, tutorials, promotional and educational videos, animated videos, virtual reality videos, commercials, webinars, conferences, etc.) responds to specific needs: the video strategy is the basis of the success of a campaign, and must take into account the rules and techniques of traditional marketing. Moreover, investments are increasingly shifting from traditional media to the web: knowing how to spread their content on platforms, both in terms of SEO indexing and sharing, ensures visibility and achievement of B2B and B2C marketing goals.

Production of commercials and television

The video spot is the most widespread means of communication: this can be distributed both as advertising (on television or on various platforms) and through their own communication channels, from the web to social media.

Television is still the preferred means of communication for most of the population, and is able to offer several advantages, especially if the brand has a specific goal and strategic programming exploits the right mix of platforms. In the construction of a TV commercial, the message is aimed at a selected target and relies on certain emotional categories in order to capture the attention: when a video commercial works, it generates curiosity and enhances the brand, often causing a rebound of its fame on the web and an increase in the demand for information.

Production of music video clips

When it comes to music videos, the analysis and writing phases represent an added value for the production of a successful content, because creativity is crucial to effectively communicate the launch of a song or a new album. The construction and assembly techniques define the style and consequently the target audience, the catchment area and the diffusion. We take care of both the writing and the production of video clips for authors, artists and groups, and the professional standard that we apply to each stage of production defines the quality of the result.

Shooting with multi-camera

We produce videos for Dazn and Amazon Prime Video and have worked with national and international artists such as Mika, Pintus, Paolo Conte, Cicchella, Enrico Brignano, Lastrico and Renato Zero. Our experience allows us to ensure the crafting of a television product with attention to detail. We know how to manage multi-camera sets and we are equipped with a directing bus with broadcast technology. We are able to transform a live event into an exciting and grandiose event, working with cutting-edge instrumentation and in a smart and lightweight structure, managing all the technical aspects of video production (lights, cameras, audio and streaming).

Production of documentaries

In the documentary field, we can independently manage the making of our own projects and we also take care of producing the works of external authors or directors. We take care, collaborating with the best professionals in the field, of the writing of subjects, the production of video footage, the editing, the soundtrack, fundraising and distribution. The projects we have realized have had national and international resonance, obtaining awards and accolades in many festivals. We’re specialized in the so-called “cinema of reality” and have gained experience in the production of corporate documentaries, which tell the company realities and their social responsibilities.

Organisation of sports events

We have worked for a long time in the field of sports events, both for the realization of live broadcasts and for projects that included a post-production phase.

Our equipment allows us to meet the most complicated requests and create different types of products. We use high-resolution technologies and Ultra Motion, and we specialize in emotional filming and storytelling, in which the event is put at the service of storytelling and entertainment. Our productions can be found in the programming of various televisions and pay-per-view platforms.

Production of musical events

We are able to realize multi-camera events and manage the complete video realization in broadcast quality, full HD, 4K, 8K and streaming of concerts in stadiums, theater music or music in the square.

We managed projects characterized by particular situations, for example, in which scenes and locations (such as mountains, amphitheaters and islands) were put at the service of the event. Problem solving, professionalism and attention to detail, combined with experience, qualified personnel and direct contacts have allowed us to manage every issue related to the territory and service.

Professional video production with drone

The first personal view (FPV) mode, typical of the drone video, can be used depending on the video strategy, inserting it as part of a specific production or using it as a single video mode. The aerial view and the use of a drone for video shooting allow a wide range of motion, and offer the project and its production a detailed image, precise, fresh and dynamic.

Stop motion, 2D and 3D motion graphics, compositing

Although animated video is often perceived exclusively in its entertainment component, its strategic use has gradually spread into video marketing. Motion design applies the principles of graphic design and visual design to film and video production through the use of animations and visual effects (such as stop motion and 2D and 3D motion graphics) by generating animated graphics.

By using the most up-to-date software and the best professionals, we are able to produce videos addressed to a variety of applications (brochures, corporate presentations, price lists, newsletters and social media) integrating them into the marketing strategy.

Video storytelling

Storytelling is the art of telling your story to promote the brand.

The strategy behind the crafting of a video storytelling concerns both branding and relational marketing: on the one hand it strengthens the brand identity, influencing brand awareness and loyalty, on the other hand it establishes a relationship based on empathy and trust with customers. A company with a long career can rely on the narration of its history to convey to its target fundamental values such as solidity and reliability. This mode of narration builds the chronology of the company (its birth and growth) through the use of original archive materials. Each stage consolidates an emotional story, in which the elements of the archive serve as a “trunk of memories” of a long and articulated journey. This mode of storytelling meets then with the modernity of the image and the dynamism of video shooting techniques (including the possible use of a drone) that represent instead a momentum towards the future and innovation. The synergy of the two storytelling techniques guarantees the crafting of an original product.

Color correction and color grading

Color correction and color grading are two fundamental aspects of post-production of films, commercials, corporate videos and any other video product. The color correction works on the correction of the colors of the shot, uniforming it in an image with balanced tones. The color grading has instead the task of transforming the shot into an exciting experience, using color and filters to harmonize the scene and infuse pathos.

Video production for web and social media

Web and social communication makes use of certain rules, and are part of a digital strategy studied on very precise aspects and targets. Each web and social platform has specific parameters, languages and formats, and is aimed at a well-defined audience. We create videos that can respond to the need of our customers to communicate their message in a smart and immediate way, calibrating each product on the strategy adopted. Industrial marketing has precise rules: knowing how to respect them along every step, from conception to realization, is the key to its success. To achieve your goals, you need a video strategy that can elevate your brand or product.