Drone aerial shots: how to use them for a brand?

Use a drone to frame your brand from another perspective. Have you ever thought about it? Nowadays, many companies make use of drone aerial shots to show the public a new look at their reality. They use videos with drones to increase their brand awareness and the methods with which to carry out their marketing strategy. But before we explain how to use aerial shots for your company, do you know what a drone is?

What is a drone and how it works

The remotely piloted aircraft, commonly known as a drone, is a flying apparatus that works with the presence of a specialized navigator or pilot. Through a controller, these maneuvers its movements from the ground. The use of this technology began in the military. Later, it was also applied to civilian purposes and video productions, replacing dollies and helicopters for aerial filming. The solution represented by the drone, on which video equipment is applied, is advantageous because it’s cheaper than the existing alternatives, as well as being a lightweight and ergonomic technology. The equipment needed for drone shooting is accessible to everyone: prices and operation are suitable for both experts and beginners. It is therefore possible to shoot with a drone also for amateurs and video makers. It is necessary, however, to have permission to make aerial shots and images with the drone. This is achieved through an online exam for small drones and two exams and a self-certification of practice in case you want to pilot larger drones.

The advantages of using drone shots for your video strategy

The use of drones for video shooting is gradually growing, and a new specific sector is emerging: drone marketing. In the latter, the drone becomes the protagonist of a marketing campaign that puts aerial shooting at the center of the narrative, with the aim of shining a light on the reality represented. Drone videos often have high viral potential, and this is a great incentive for businesses to choose them. In addition, there are many other reasons to consider aerial shooting. It reveals a new point of view on the company, gives a dramatic touch to your video and the efficiency of the means with which it’s made attests to the quality, confirming also that of your product.

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Drones lower the cost of shooting and can reach areas that are inaccessible by land, thus providing an incentive to experiment. They are versatile, ranging from aerial shots of your work location to those of a particular event, and are also a great example of entertainment. They are dynamic, they leave their mark, and they put your company in a bigger perspective, comparing it with the space and the surrounding realities.

Thanks to aerial drone shooting, even a small reality can become great: did you know that we make professional videos with drones, aerial video shooting and aerial photography? Contact us!